Care Team Coordinator

Baltimore, Maryland, United States Full-time

Position:                                        Care Team Coordinator 

Position Responsible To:             Program Director 

Category of Employment:            Salaried/Exempt



The Care Team Coordinator provides effective leadership and management to uphold The Board of Child Care’s Trauma Informed Care Culture for clients, families, and staff.   The Care Team Coordinator provides adaptive leadership through supportive coaching and mentoring to direct care, supervisory staff and social workers to inspire and encourage our workforce and promote integrity.  He/She ensures the creation of strong systems and methods of performance excellence, while supporting the teams to embrace possibilities and develop creative solutions to ensure the demands of the program are exceeded.  The Care Team Coordinator ensures the fidelity of the program components and ensures that systems of accountability exist to sustain the treatment expectation.  The Care Team Coordinator is responsible for the outcomes of the program and is responsible to identify and problem solve when data indicates that the program is not meeting the needs of the youth and families served through identified benchmarks.

Essential Functions:

  • Demonstrates adaptive leadership through supportive coaching and mentoring to direct care, supervisory staff and social workers through regular administrative supervision and training opportunities.  Integral person responsible for the professional development of the department, recognizing the importance of addressing vicarious trauma for staff. Responsible for providing regular feedback and annual evaluation for unit supervisors and social workers.
  • Involved in interviewing and onboarding new employees for the department.   Integral in the orientation process for staff to teach clear expectations of the position and how it fits in the agency, provide ongoing support in the milieu to continue the orientation in the unit.
  • Responsible for ensuring the collaborative process between the unit supervisors and social workers occurs on a consistent and on-going basis to ensure that the clinical programming is developed, implemented and maintained within the lens of integrative treatment.
  • Maintain a presence in the units to provide support and coaching for staff, as well as provide opportunities to witness, demonstrate, and role model Trauma Informed Practices and Integrated Treatment.
  • Coordinates with the clinical services staff, specialty services staff and other staff in the provision of services and programs for clients through the therapeutic team approach.
  • Oversees the implementation of the guidance plans, evidence based practice models and any other specialized interventions in a manner that is individualized and can grow and change based on the needs of the youth and families. 
  • Develop and maintain emotional intelligence for effective self-care and the role-model for youth, staff, and families the essence of Trauma Informed Practices.
  • Develop systems of accountability and ensures that the policies and procedures of the agency are alive and delivered consistently throughout the program.  When necessary will identify the need for corrective action.  Assists with internal quality improvement investigations, as needed.
  • Provides effective communication across departments and programs to ensure consistency of expectations, as well as works effectively as a member of the interdisciplinary team.
  • Ensures that treatment services are provided to all youth and families 24/7 in keeping with COMAR, CARF and agency standards. Ensures that there is an effective and efficient system of coordination for staff utilization related to the complexity of youth and families, i.e. transportation, crisis support, behavior management and education.
  • Oversees the supportive resources for the program, i.e. recreation, to ensure maximum benefits of integration.  Provides support to the unit supervisors and social workers with regard to the coordination and implementation of the activity schedule and programming for the living unit that supports the treatment modality, while ensuring a diverse offering of opportunities for youth exposure and participation, as well as clear expectations to staff about their role to facilitate.  
  • Embraces the concept of a family driven and youth guided care setting, ensuring that youth and families are integral partners in the treatment of the residents.
  • Creates an environment that invites families to engage in and enhance the services provided to youth and advancing a philosophy that supports an ongoing commitment to the youth and family, promoting individualized and culturally competent services, eliminating blame and supporting the strength of each and every family member.   
  • Work in and with the local communities, fostering collaboration and partnerships with community resources and support networks in the effort to reconnect youth and families to the natural supports that are available to them.  
  • Fulfills the responsibly of Administrator On-Call on a rotating basis
  • Flexible Hours based on the needs of the program
  • Other duties as assigned to meet the goals of the program



  • MSW and/or Master’s Degree in related field.
  • 3 Years’ experience in Management
  • Maintenance of a valid Maryland Driver’s License and safe driving record.
  • Application of first aid; application of CPR; application of physical interventions and/or restraints with residents, male and female ages 10 – 21 years of age.
  • Flexible work hours to include evening and weekend hours.
  • Occasional out-of state travel which may include overnights.
  • Ability to effectively express ideas clearly and concisely, orally ad in writing; computer literate.
  • Able to develop effective behavioral interventions and strategic using sound, objective decision making.
  • Ability to organize staffing and therapeutic programming.
  • Able to engage children in positive decision making.
  • Ability to supervise staff to ensure they engage children in a positive and effective manner.
  • Able to work cooperatively with others.
  • Support BCC’s core values of safety, integrity, empathy and impact through their behaviors.


Salary and Benefits:

To be reviewed at the time of employment interview.


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